Did you know that about 15% of people in the United States could benefit from orthotic solutions? If you’re unsure if you would qualify for orthotics or you’re beginning your orthotic journey and have a couple questions, we have the answers for you!

You know your body best, and with custom orthotic devices built to modify the structural and functional characteristics of your neuromuscular and skeletal system, you can impact your daily life in a positive way. Before you get started incorporating orthotics into your routine, let Bulow Orthotics answer any questions you may have.

Below are a couple questions you could have regarding your custom orthotic solutions:

  • What are Orthotics and do I Need Them?
  • Do Orthotics Hurt at First?
  • How Long Should it Take to Get Used to my Custom Devices?
  • How Will I Know if I Need an Adjustment?

What are Orthotics and do I Need Them?

If you’re someone who experiences or has experienced poor foot or ankle functioning, poor ankle support, joint or back injuries, or foot deformities— you may be in need of orthotic solutions.

Typically, orthotics are special shoe or heel inserts prescribed to you by a doctor. These are often custom-made specifically for your needs. These solutions can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan to address various symptoms associated with pain and discomfort in the feet and legs.

While orthotics may sound just like a simple heel pad or shoe insert you could buy at the store, they are much more than that. Highly customized shoe or heel inserts are made specifically for your feet to treat your individual needs and pain levels. Your doctor will only recommend an orthotic if an over the counter device will not suffice in regards to your needs.

Do Orthotics Hurt at First?

When it comes to your orthotic needs, your prescribed devices can have varying fits and feels. While some custom devices will need to be firm and corrective, that is not the only style or solution available. Depending on your unique issues, your custom orthotic solutions can be as soft or as firm as needed to help you recover from an injury or tackle daily life better.

Your orthotics should never cause blisters, increase your current pain level, or cause new problems. While mild discomfort can occur during your break-in period, you should not feel new or advanced pain. If you do experience overwhelming pain, be sure to reach back out to your doctor and reassess your custom devices.

How Long Should it Take to Get Used to my Custom Devices?

Everyone adapts to their orthotic solutions at their own pace. During your break-in period, your body will need to adjust to being in a more efficient position and you can often experience pressure in new or different places.

Typically, it only takes about two weeks for the average patient to adjust to their custom devices. Sometimes, patients may need more time, but most adapt almost immediately to their new custom devices.

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How Will I Know if I Need an Adjustment?

When incorporating orthotic solutions into your daily routine, adjustments often become a new part of life. Since there is no perfect formula or a one size fits all orthotic solution, adjustments are a normal part of the process.

If you begin to experience similar or more foot pain— it may be time to pay your doctor a visit for a device adjustment. Similarly, if your shoes begin to wear down faster than usual, your orthotic devices may need to be readjusted or configured. As with any piece of equipment, your orthotic insoles will eventually break down, wear thin, or crack. If you experience any structural issues with your custom devices, you’ll want to revisit your doctor to ensure your solutions are still fitting your needs well.

Because orthotics are custom made to fit your individual health needs, it’s not unusual to seek adjustments during your break-in period. However, if your orthotic device is causing any discomfort after two weeks, contact your doctor.

Bulow Orthotics Can Custom Fit Your Needs

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