Orthotics refers to the use of specialized devices that are worn to correct deficiencies in the skeleton or muscular system of the patient. This most commonly takes the form of a brace.

There are numerous uses for orthotics. They can be used to treat hereditary issues, assist in recovery after surgery, or correct deformities that cause a person habitual pain.

Scoliosis bracing is a form of orthotics to help the spine of a child grow in a more natural way. Functional Electrical Stimulation can help a person suffering from Foot Drop adopt a more natural and comfortable gait.

But not every application of orthotics is as apparent as a scoliosis brace. In fact, many people use orthotics every day, albeit to varying degrees. Those with severe issues go to an orthotics specialist to receive individualized care, and others buy over-the-counter versions of these items for slight disturbances.

But how do you know if your issue warrants the use of orthotics? How can you be sure orthotics will help your situation? And where can you go for help with orthotics in Nashville, TN?

What Orthotics Treat

Orthotics are used to treat numerous ailments. The most popular and well-known use of orthotics is to address issues with the foot. Many of us don’t spend much time thinking about our feet until there’s a problem. But the truth is that our feet can play a large role in our overall comfort.

Orthotics can be used to treat conditions stemming from problems with the feet. The most basic example of this are the shoe inserts you can buy at your local store. These provide more support and can provide benefits to those that spend a lot of time on their feet.

However, there are plenty of more intense examples of this. There are plenty of issues that orthotics can address:

  • Back pain is often related back to how we stand. Orthotics can hold our feet in the correct position.
  • Plantar fasciitis is a common source of heel pain.
  • Bunions can cause deformities in the foot and be quite painful.
  • Flat feet result in frequent pain in the ankles, knees, and back.
  • Heel spurs are when extra bone grows on the bottom or back of the heel.

There are plenty of other examples of issues that can be treated with foot orthotics.

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How It Works

You will first need to visit a professional to diagnose the issues you are dealing with. A treatment plan can only be put together once there is a clear goal in mind. This can include everything from discussing your symptoms, to a physical examination, to x-rays and other scanning techniques.

If orthotics are found to be the best method of treatment, a device will be constructed to your specifications and needs. This device will support your foot (if that’s your issue) in a way that constricts the growth of unhelpful areas, while leaving open other areas to support growth.

Your foot progresses to support itself over time. In the case that other issues like back pain are the problem, additional support can be given to position the foot in a more natural and healthy position.

Effectiveness of Orthotics

The systems involved with orthotics are very complex. Factors such as the frequency of which the orthotic was worn, how well it fit, and what issue was to be treated can vary from case to case. Because of this, orthotics are not guaranteed to work every time.

However, proper use of orthotics has been shown to be very beneficial to a great number of people. Self-diagnosing and treating with over-the-counter shoe inserts can have short-term benefits. But a professional is required to address any major concerns or conditions.

Should You Use Orthotics?

Issues that lead to the use of orthotics can often make themselves worse with time. If you find yourself experiencing ongoing pain in your back, legs, or feet, seek the expertise of a professional. You don’t want your condition to move past a point where simple orthotics could correct a problem into an area that might necessitate surgery.

Likewise, any obvious issues like hammer toes, high arches, or consistent back pain make you a prime candidate for the help of orthotics.

The best advice is always to seek the expertise of professionals like Bulow Orthotics & Prosthetic Solutions. They can work with you to find the best course of action to address the exact problems you are experiencing.

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Are you suffering from soreness in your back? Do you have issues with your feet or legs? Orthotics might be a great help to reducing your pain and correcting whatever issues are causing it.

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