We completed the first SYMBIONIC LEG fitting in the Southeastern United States last week. The SYMBIONIC LEG is the first commercially-available, fully bionic lower leg prosthesis. It is a neatly combined RHEO KNEE and PROPRIO FOOT by Ossur (www.ossur.com). For those familiar with these components, a great feature that Ossur has accomplished with the SYMBIONIC is that there is no PROPRIO battery as the foot/ankle gets its power through the bionic knee. This makes for a much lighter, sleeker design. Also, they significantly improved the guts of the ankle to make it much more durable and almost completely silent. They were also able to change the programming in the knee to make the knee and foot/ankle able to talk to each other and play nicely together!

The fitting was done for James Ross. James is a great guy who underwent an above-knee amputation just over one year ago. Check out the video of him walking up and down a 10% incline! Very impressive control, and he’s only getting better. He’s worked really hard to get to this level and has recently moved out to Colorado to train with the US Paralympic Ski Team. Obviously we are very proud of the effort he has put in.