I am very pleased to announce that Zach Harvey, CPO, will be our Managing CPO in our new Bulow OPS Denver clinic. Zach has been the lead prosthetist at Walter Reed. Check out the following article where President Bush thanks Zach and the staff at Walter Reed for the work that they do with the wounded warriors. His experience and passion for the field should make him a great addition to our team. Zach will start with us on November 12.

Also, Dr. Allison Franklin has joined our team and has started Denver Extremity Rehabilitation Physicians at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s hospital system in Denver. She was a leader in the formation of the amputee program at Walter Reed so she obviously has incredible experience with amputee rehabilitation and care. Dr. Franklin and Zach worked together at Walter Reed.

- Matt Bulow, CP

Here's a great article on Zach.