As the old saying goes, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  A great example of this is using your amputation to deliver on the best Halloween costume your neighborhood has ever seen.  After all, you’ve got one leg up on the competition! 

Here are some Halloween costume ideas to get you started:

1.       Black Knight – For the Monty Python fans out there, this costume is perfect for those missing 1 to 4 limbs.  You’ll need a black medieval knight costume in which you simply attach a red felt boar's head to.

2.       Leg Lamp – Almost everyone in America has seen the movie A Christmas Story.  If you are a lower extremity amputee, you’ve got a great start on becoming the authentic leg lamp.  All you need is the homemade lampshade, fishnet tights and a black heel.

3.       Shark Attack – Calling all those with a dark sense of humor! Use your creativity to portray a surfer that has just had a run in with a shark. 

4.       Gingerbread Man – This would be the gingerbread man from the movie Shrek, who unfortunately had his leg broken off. Try this costume on for size and be sure to tell everyone about your gum drop buttons!

5.       Flamingo – This costume speaks for itself.  The classic image of the flamingo standing on one leg is what you’re going for here.

6.       Foosball Player – Again, for the lower extremity amputee - get your team gear out and simply add a white block to the bottom to resemble your favorite foosball goalkeeper or midfielder. 

7.       Pirate – You may need a little help from your prosthetist to attach a wooden post to your residual limb, but this costume will look authentic and even comes with a fun accent.

We hope you take your Halloween costume to the next level and become the life of the part, but most importantly, we want you to stay safe.  If you have questions about how to have fun with your costume while maintaining proper safety measures, call your prosthetist today.  From running a marathon to dominating this year’s trick-or-treating efforts, we’re happy to help!