When it comes to summer, the world is your child’s playground. With friends to see and games to play, they’ll want to soak up as much of the warm weather fun as possible. If your child has scoliosis, a back brace doesn’t have to stifle their summer. Try the following tricks to help them squeeze the most out of their vacation from school:

  • Take advantage of fun clothing. As a brace can be warm and cumbersome, flowy summer clothing is key for cooling off while covering up. A shopping trip for cut-offs, sundresses, and summery shorts with elastic bands all fit easily over the brace and can help feel like a special treat for their effort.
  • Call ahead. If your child is attending a daily youth program or an overnight camp, contact the program in advance to alert staff. Let them know how many hours he’s required to wear his brace and if there are any activities he may need to avoid.
  • Schedule plenty of pool time. Alieving pressure through natural buoyancy, swimming can ease pain and discomfort that your child’s curved spine places on their body. Additionally, water provides resistance, which helps to build muscles, increase flexibility, and improve endurance, all of which can develop total body balance and muscle strength to assist their spine. If your child only has a few hours of brace-free time during the day, swimming is an excellent and freeing way to spend it.
  • Pay attention to under layers. The layer worn between the brace and your child’s body is crucial for a comfortable fit. Invest in tank tops or form-fitting t-shirts made of moisture wicking material to prevent an excess of sweat and chafing, and look for options that feature seamless or minimal seams to prevent extra fabric from digging into the skin.
  • Keep powder on hand. If hot weather makes you sweat, imagine what it feels like when you have a thick fabric or plastic compression system around your torso! Heat rash caused by sweat and friction is common when wearing a brace, even with the most comfortable under layers. Baby powder can help reduce dampness and soothe the affected areas.

It may take some adjustments, but your child’s scoliosis doesn’t have to stop them from having a blast this summer! Get in touch with one of our physicians at Bulow OPS for even more adaptive tricks to manage scoliosis smoothly.

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