At the beginning of December, Matt Bulow participated in the TAP USA TOUR Championships in Houston, Texas. The event, supported by TIRR Memorial Hermann and Tennis Express, features 28 players from 11 countries (Sweden, Austria, Japan, Chile, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico and the United States) participating in Stand-Up Tennis, a format allowing athletes with physical disabilities, and who are not wheelchair-bound, to compete in the sport. Matt won the consolation to get 5th overall!

This is the first time the TAP World Tour was held in the United States.  Previous world championships have been held in Chile (twice) and Brazil.

The mission of the TAP organization and its Disabled Standing Tennis Foundation is to create and generate new opportunities in tennis for people who are physically disabled in all countries.  Stand Up tennis is a method allowing people with physical disabilities (like amputations, hemiplegics, hemi paralysis, congenital malformation, cerebral palsy, etc.,) to be able to play in a standing position with some adjustments depending on each player’s mobility.