Matt Bulow, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Bulow Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions, has been here since Day One.

“It is amazing to me that we are already in the 12th year of the life of our Company,” he said.


His heart is in the patient-care side of the job, which can make the administrative side tiresome sometimes, but he is happy with his position in the company for now.

“In the future, I’m sure I will transition to more of a 100% clinical role,” he said.


The best words to describe Matt are driven, competitive and caring/concerned. The highlights of his life include marrying his wife and leading a family that includes three children; earning a varsity tennis letter in all 4 years at a small NCAA Division-I school; and competing in 4 Olympic stadiums and holding the amputee long jump world record.


While many people view Matt as very self-confident, he said he is his own worst critic.

“I am also very hard on myself,” he said.


He said the most rewarding part of his job is providing the very best patient care he can.


“But a close second is when someone comes to visit our clinics and remarks on how positive our culture is and how high-quality our team is,” he said.  “Having a hand in building that is one of the biggest rewards of my entire career for sure!”