Bulow Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions has a Patient Care Coordinator who strives to do her best every day.  Brittany Curtin has worked for Bulow OPS for a year.  Curtin describes herself as spunky, kind hearted, and tenacious.  These are the types of qualities that make her special within the workplace.

Brittany reveals, “I was raised an Army brat which provided me the opportunity to live across the United States and even a year in Korea, where I also got to compete in two international gymnastics competitions at only 10 years old!”  Now we see where she gets her spunk!

Curtin is interested in the prosthetic lab.  She states, “I’m always fascinated with the quality work they complete and think it would be fun to work with all the fun power tools!”  She is enthusiastic about all the innovation that Bulow OPS brings.

She has had some exciting highlights in her life like marrying her husband John.  She graduated from the University of Tennessee and also volunteered at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the Military Advanced Training Center.

“The most rewarding thing about my job is seeing our patients be completely uninhibited by their circumstances.  I enjoy being an integral part of helping them get the prosthesis they deserve and seeing their joy when they receive a new limb or device.  It makes all the work worthwhile,” Brittany says.

Bulow OPS is grateful to have Brittany as an employee because her kind heartedness and passion bring a lot to the company!

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