Debby Corbett has been with Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions since 2013, but she’s been in the O&P field for more than 30 years.

“Lots of changes during that time!” she quips.

As a Patient Care Coordinator, Debby gets to do it all. She works with both the patients and medical professionals, as well as with surgery schedulers and hospitals. She enjoys being able to work with patients and families.

“It is very exciting to play a key role in patient care,” she said.

She said the most rewarding part of working with Bulow is seeing the pediatric patients grow up.

Besides working in the O&P field, Debby also spent a year tutoring Korean University students in English and coordinating classes for the soldiers that were working on their GED’s—all before women were allowed so far north in that part of the country.

“Very rewarding!” she said of the experience.

She said this was one of her top three highlights in her life, along with having two lovely children and a wonderful husband of 44 years. They spent their 40th wedding anniversary in San Francisco and in wine country.

She enjoys sewing in her spare time, even going as far as making her own patterns.