If you showed your leg to Carter Henderson, he could probably identify you—but not if he saw your face. He oversees the various physical aspects of crafting prostheses, including fabrication, inventory management, and ordering patient supplies and components. Still, there is a part of him that wishes he could interact with the patients.

“I would want to switch with any of the prosthetists,” Carter said when asked who he would switch roles with at Bulow Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions. “I like the idea of being able to see patients occasionally, which does not happen often in my role.”

Carter said the three best words to describe him are thorough, caring, and very messy, although he jokes that you would need to double-check with his wife on that one. He said the highlights in his life so far include getting married this last summer, qualifying for The US Amateur Golf Championship in 2005 with his middle brother caddying for him, and getting front row seats to watch Yo-Yo Ma at the Nashville symphony.

“I could put my foot on the stage and he (Yo-Yo) was 6 or 7 feet away,” he said.

Though he only has “a couple skeletons in the closet,” he said most people would be surprised at how much he enjoys coaching basketball and watching my players improve. 

He said what makes his job most rewarding is “clichéd but true.”

“Being a part of a successful process that enables people to regain a lost part of their lives is pretty special,” he said.