Krystle has been a TN Operation Manager at Bulow OPS for 3 ½ years.  She absolutely loves her job and what she does, so she wouldn’t change careers with anyone else!  She describes herself as happy, caring, and persistent, which are three qualities you need to excel at Bulow.  We definitely see those characteristics in her every day, and are pleased to have her work with us!  Marrying her husband and having her two beautiful girls have been the biggest highlights in her life, and she is extremely grateful to have such a loving family. 

A fun fact about Krystle is that she traveled to Russia when she was 14 on a mission trip.  She describes it as an eye opening experience because she got to learn a lot about a different culture.  When asked what is most rewarding about her job Krystle says, “My job may be difficult at times especially when it comes to dealing with insurance but I like the challenge.  It is so rewarding when a patient is walking out the door with the device that will help them tackle each day better than they could have the day before.”  We are so happy to have her as a part of our team because she is just as dedicated as everyone else to helping patients achieve comfort and mobility and return to normal, happy lives!