For the past 4 years, Prentiss Barksdale has worked at Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions as a prosthetic tech—and he wouldn’t trade places with anyone.

“I love the creativity that goes along with the job,” he said. “I am inspired by each one of my fellow co-workers in how they use their gifts to take their job responsibilities to the next level. To me that’s the joy in being at the ‘Low.’”

This creativity comes out in other ways in Prentiss’ life. He self-published a book in 2009 titled, “Zipharus Chronicles: The Crystal of Axiom” and had a screenplay shot for a short film. In 2016 he started his own business on the side, B’Dale Studios. It encompasses all the work he does with scripts, music and novels.

Besides working on his creative projects, Prentiss seeks to be the best Christian man, father and husband he can be. The best words to describe him are optimistic, creative and joyful.

The most rewarding part about working at Bulow is the ability to come in and enjoy a work day with his CEO and co-workers while helping change an amputee’s life. 

“It is very full-feeling in putting everything I have to help make someone else’s life better,” he said. “It’s rewarding to work for a company that puts people first and the growth of the company follows. It’s a blast to be at the “Low” and I say all the time, ‘Someone will have to drag me away from here!’”

He said working here is the best job he’s ever had, aside from writing and making music.