This month, Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions says good-bye to one of our Certified Orthotists as he enters retirement! Bob Corbett has worked with Bulow for four years. Before that, he worked for two decades with Applied Orthotics, which was acquired by Bulow.

Bob’s role primarily has him working with pediatric patients who need bracing, many of whom are referred by the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. The rest of his time is used serving adult patients in the hospitals and in clinic. 

If given the opportunity, Bob says he wouldn’t switch jobs with anyone else in the clinic.

“I was blessed with doing a job that I loved,” he said. “I like to say that it’s not a job but a lifestyle. I always say that if you feel like it’s a job then you need to find a new opportunity.” 

Three words Bob says would describe him best are loyal, determined and thankful. He said his top life highlights include marrying his wife Debby 45 years ago.

“One of those choices in life that I’ve never second guessed or regretted,” he said.

His other highlights include the birth of his children Jennifer and Robert, “both blessings in my life,” and graduating from college.  “Especially since I was the first one in the family to do so,” he said.

One thing people may not know about him are his age and golf handicap.  “The last is an extraordinary number yet to be defined,” he said.

What he finds more rewarding about his work is watching the reaction of a patient when a brace fitting is successful. 

“Sometimes their immediate reaction is priceless,” he said.  “Their eyes light up, they smile and are very grateful for what we’ve done for them.  They love it when you relieve their pain, improve their gait and lifestyle.  It’s great when what you do can at times be priceless.”