Rick Babcock has worked as an orthotic clinical specialist with Bulow O&P for almost 4 years.  He jokes that if he could switch jobs with anyone else at Bulow, it would be Brad Gardner, “so I could know all the secrets and rule the company with an iron fist!”

In reality, though, he said he would not want to change places with anyone.

“I get a lot of satisfaction working with patients to come up with good solutions to their needs and watch them reach and surpass the goals they set for themselves,” he said.

He said his friends would describe him as dedicated, creative and honest. He said the top three highlights of his life include marrying his wife Kate, the birth of his sons Connor and Matt and working with the Detroit Tiger and Red Wing players to meet their orthotic needs.

“I enjoy working with patients to come up with good, quality orthotic answers to their needs,” he said. “Watching a patient do something they weren’t able to prior to our working with them is very rewarding.”