Annette became an amputee in 2010 after her left foot had basically fallen apart. It all began in 1992 after –

Annette became an amputee in 2010 after her left foot had basically fallen apart. It all began in 1992 after a major wreck that left her foot crushed. She had 4 reconstructive surgeries on it and after she got the okay, she went back to work after each one. This lasted until early 2010. After her first amputation, she was doing great. This was until she got a blister that turned out to be a MRSA staph infection. She then had 3 more amputations in a span of 4 years. This left her with everything gone about 6 inches below her knee, rather than just above her ankle. She is very thankful they did not have to take her knee and is now doing great!

The major defining moment in her life was when she got into her accident in 1992. It was Memorial Day weekend when she fell asleep at the wheel after a 50-hour work week. She had many injuries, but the one that changed her life forever was her crushed foot.

Annette’s Doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Herring, suggested Matt at Bulow from the beginning and that was his only suggestion. She had enjoyed Dr. Herring since the beginning and trusted him with his suggested and she said she is so glad she did!

After she became sick with the staph infection and was having so many amputations, Annette emailed a well‐established professional photographer and was talking to him about going crazy with nothing to do. He suggested for her to get a DSLR camera and lens. After getting the camera and taking pictures of the birds, she fell in love with it and found a hobby that she never knew she would like! Annette spends a lot of time taking pictures of birds now. Since she always has a prosthetic that fits well, she spends her time in the summer outside in the yard or going fishing. Annette said, “A perfect day to me looks like a warm late spring day sunny outside taking care of any chores around home, then either going out and doing some things in the yard or going to a close pond and sitting on the side of it watching the ducks and geese and catching a bunch of fish!”

Annette’s friends would describe her as independent, tough and positive. She is understanding of everyone’s issues due to all of her surgeries and challenges she has faced. She does not give up or let anything get in her way of living her life! Her advice to new amputees would be this: “When you get to where you can walk well on your prosthetic, don’t go crazy and do everything in the world, take it slow and really get used to your prosthetic. Also, if they don’t warn you let me warn you, no matter where you’re an amputee on either leg, keep in mind constantly that you are going to be off balance and you will fall. I can’t count the times I have fallen just because I wasn’t expecting to be as one sided as I was. It really affects you more than you can possibly imagine! And if you start having a raw spot or a sore, stay out of your prosthetic until it heals, or you have it checked, because it is only going to get worse or it could be something that needs a doctor’s care!”

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