“I am not a quitter, and I love trying new things with my leg.”

Happy, full of life, and talks way too much.

That’s how Bulow patient Arvenia Pillow said her friends would describe her. This might be because she focuses on all the positive things in life, and not on the struggles she’s had to face.

Arvenia became an amputee after she was struck by peripheral vascular disease. This condition causes problems with blood flow in the arteries, especially in the legs.

But Arvenia wasn’t about to let that limit her life.

“I have the attitude that I can do and be anyone I want to be,” she said. “I am not a quitter, and I love trying new things with my leg.”

She came to Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions after she had trouble at her previous prosthetist’s clinic. After doing an internet search she decided to make an appointment, and was soon happy that she did so.

“I was so blessed that I decided to come here because it changed my life,” she said.

In her spare time, Arvenia volunteers at McKendree Village and works out at the YMCA. Her most defining moment in life was having her children and watching them grow up to be successful adults.

To her, a perfect day is, “When I wake up and see all the wonderful things God has given to me. My friends, family and Gizmo, my dog.”

Published by jlbworks