“Stay motivated, dedicated, and don’t give up because it gets easier!”

Bridget Johnson is an avid equestrian. So, it’s no surprise that one day, she and her sister decided to ride horseback to a friend’s house. But on the way there, tragedy struck. As Bridget was crossing the street, a car came down the hill and hit her and her horse. Her left leg was severed at the scene.

This did not mean the end of Bridget’s days as a rider, however. She was determined to get back up on the horse. Through staying tough and enduring, she was able to not only teach herself to ride again, but compete in a barrel race.

“The first time I entered into a barrel race after my accident, I was absolutely terrified and had no idea what to expect,” she confessed. “But it definitely made me realize barrel racing was something I couldn’t give up. “

It paid off—last year, she won fifth place in barrel racing in the Tennessee state show.

Besides winning competitions, Bridget is also proud of her mental accomplishments.

“As a teenage girl, and an amputee, there are many mental obstacles to overcome,” she said. “Staying tough and never giving up is the key! And of course, continuing my competing in barrel racing is always something to be proud of!”

In her free time, Bridget spends her time outside, with her horses or at the gym. To other amputees, she says, “Stay motivated, dedicated, and don’t give up because it gets easier!”

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