Josh became an amputee due to a vascular disease known as Buerger’s disease. This disease is a blood clotting disorder –

Josh became an amputee due to a vascular disease known as Buerger’s disease. This disease is a blood clotting disorder that stems from many years of tobacco usage. It typically affects the hands and feet, and in this case it was his feet. Josh was diagnosed in 2013 and has since then lost two toes, followed by his foot and then in 2019 his leg due to an incision not healing properly.
Since becoming an amputee, Josh is most proud of gaining the ability to hold his daughter and help around the house with ease. It makes him feel better knowing he can be a better husband and father now. His family is his world so he will do everything in his power to make sure he can be the best version of himself for them. He would not be where he is today without his wife and daughter.

In Josh’s free time, he likes to spend time with his family, work on his Jeep and walk as much as he can in hopes of being able to ride his bicycle again. A perfect day to him includes all of these things! His friends would describe him as hardworking, trustworthy and determined and that shows in his experience becoming an amputee.

We asked Josh for some advice for new amputees. He said, “Let people know they have to be a little more patient with you at first. This will get better and you will get your life back. I know it seems dark and hopeless now, but please understand it WILL get better and you’re gonna feel so accomplished and happy. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do It. Laugh in the face of pain and tell it that you will not beat me and you will never keep me from being who I truly am. Don’t rush healing, take time and let it fully heal and then you’ll be ready and more prepared for your new prosthetic. When people ask you “what happen?!?” Don’t get upset. You have to be understanding with them as you want them to be with you. Just answer and try not to be embarrassed about it. It’s you now and you’ll truly have to embrace it to get past it. It’s okay to hurt and be sad at first but you have to know this will pass and you’ll be better and stronger for it. Don’t let it beat you or make you feel any less of a person. Also try not to say “I cant” without at least trying it first.”

Josh heard about Bulow from Lucas Ketner and Herb Jones after his leg was amputated. Josh said, “It’s been a fantastic experience dealing with them (Bulow) and they put your needs first which is very rare these days.” — Thanks Josh! We wish you the best!

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