About one year ago, Ken was a healthy, active man with no health issues… then COVID hit. Nearly one year –

About one year ago, Ken was a healthy, active man with no health issues… then COVID hit. Nearly one year ago on March 23rd, Ken was found unresponsive. His family took him to the emergency room where he was put on life support and moved to the ICU. Over the next 75 days, 68 being on life support, the doctors treated Ken for COVID, pneumonia, ARDS, staph infection, sepsis, blood clots and a host of other things. There was immediate concern over poor blood circulation to his limbs. Thankfully, his hands improved, but his feet did not. Over time, it came to a consensus that removing the infected areas was the only way to save his life. So, on May 8th, they removed his left leg below the knee and one-third of his right foot. The next week, they inserted a feeding tube via tracheostomy – three weeks later, he was still on life support. His family requested everyone to stop and pray at noon on Friday, May 29th that God would heal Ken’s body, mind and spirit. At this time, the hospital was only allowing 1 visitor, whom at this time was his wife. That very afternoon she said his blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate all went down to normal. In less than 48 hours he was off the ventilator and began a remarkable recovery. On June 5th he was moved from the ICU to a rehab hospital and within one week was able to eat his first solid meal in nearly 3 months. On July 6th, he was released from rehab to come home. The week after he was released, he had an appointment with Dr. Bastas. The doctor gave them three suggestions to visit to be fitted for a prosthetic leg and then never made it past Bulow! After visiting, Ken said, “Kelly was not only knowledgeable but also personable. Why look any further?”

Since becoming an amputee, Ken feels most proud of accomplishing running in the snow, climbing stairs, riding his motorcycle and working in his shop. In his free time, Ken likes to make wooden bowls on the lathe in his shop and ride his motorcycle. When asked how his friend would describe him, his wife said, “Your friends might quote Barney Fife when he was referring to Ernest T. Bass, “He’s a nut!” In all seriousness, Ken isn’t sure how they would describe him but one word he would use to describe them is faithful. Throughout this whole process, they were faithful to pray for him. When looking back, one of the most defining moments in his life was when he was 16 years old and became a Christian. The personal decision he made to follow Christ and become a pastor was the best thing he has ever done. God has helped him every step of the way in the last 45 years.

A perfect day to Ken is when his 5 children and 7 grandchildren are home. Ken added, “It’s also a great day when I am able to work around the house trimming the bushes, cleaning the carpet and other mundane chores. I love making Kelly’s statement come true. The first appointment, she said, “You will be able to do anything you could do before you got sick!” Ken’s advice to new amputees would be as follows, “Don’t judge the future by the present! I can remember 3 months ago when walking seemed like a distant possibility, and now it is the norm. Accept and embrace your new life. It will get better and better!”

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