“I just felt it was best to move on and set myself up to do the things I want to do.”

At first glance, Lily Paris seems like the typical middle-schooler. She loves the beach, Harry Potter and going to the mall with her friends. Those around her describe her as happy and fun. But, Lily has something that sets her apart from others her age—incredible bravery.

Lily had to fight something that wanted to take her very life.

When she was just 10 years old, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, in her left tibia. She underwent 8 months of chemotherapy and a total of 13 surgeries. She struggled with subsequent infections that weren’t healing, and never became fully mobile again, even though she did physical therapy for 7 months.

That was when she, her parents and her “cool Vanderbilt surgeon, Dr. Halpern,” made the difficult decision to have the left leg amputated.

“I just felt it was best to move on and set myself up to do the things I want to do,” she said.

She underwent surgery in December 2016, and received her prosthesis on January 20. Since then, Lily has been learning how to walk with it. She said her proudest moment was when she walked up the stairs to her bedroom for the first time in almost two and a half years after only having her prosthesis for a week.

Lily hasn’t just adapted physically. She’s also adapted mentally to having a prosthesis, to the point that she makes jokes about her prosthesis to help others around her feel more comfortable.

She first came to Bulow because a “friend of a friend” of her dad’s went to school with Matt at Northwestern.

“I’m just glad we both live in the Nashville area!” Lily quips.

In her spare time, Lily enjoys art, coloring, ceramics, YouTube videos, swimming, computer games, and watching bad reality TV with her family. She loves her weekends, when she has time off from school and physical therapy.

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