SFC Joseph James became an amputee on April 8, 2008 in Sadr City, Iraq. He was in the US Army –

SFC Joseph James became an amputee on April 8, 2008 in Sadr City, Iraq. He was in the US Army and was on his 4th combat deployment. On their way back from a mission, their Humvee was struck by a EFP roadside bomb. The blast took both of his legs and killed their commander, Major Mark Rosenberg.

Joe first reached out to Matt at Bulow, who was recommended by some of Joe’s friends, after not getting the best treatment at the VA in Nashville. Not only was Joe impressed with Matt’s amazing prosthetics, but he could tell Matt knew what he was doing with the fine details since he too is an amputee.

One of Joe’s biggest accomplishments has been becoming a sponsored adaptive athlete with Operation Enduring Warrior & Memories of Honor. Being a representative of these amazing organizations have allowed Joe to grow in ways he didn’t think possible. From hand cycling in the Marine Corps Marathon to finishing races and obstacle courses like the Green Beret Commando Challenge and War X Trilogy, Joe has become a very accomplished representative.

Joe likes to spend his free time growing his business, training for events and being there for his wife, Jarin James, and their 4 amazing daughters: Rachel, Melanie, Sadie and Taylor. Joe’s friends would describe him as dedicated, motivating and ornery. A perfect day to Joe is when he gets time to reflect on what he has done. Joe says, “Every day is a gift to me because I almost died that April day in 2008. I shouldn’t be alive, but God has seen fit to put me to work taking care of people.” Another one of his biggest accomplishments was when he completed his first 8 plus mile, 50 plus obstacle course that he did with his wife. “That was the first day she saw me cry. I cried because of exhaustion and happiness. That was a great day!”

When asked for advice to give to new amputees, this is what Joe had to say: “Take every set back with a grain of salt. You will get to a point where you think it will be impossible to get back to the life you had before the amputation, but with a little work, you will be up and going like nothing ever happened. Have a good support system in place that won’t let you quit or get too discouraged. Even though I was an active soldier I had bad days, but my wife wouldn’t let me give up on myself. Get out of the bed, get those legs on and get going! The world is outside and it’s waiting for you to find it again! Good luck!”

We appreciate you for sharing your story and for bravely serving our country, Joe.

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