Pediatric Orthotics

FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation

Used as an alternative to an AFO for kids in many cases, FES is one of the most recent advancement in the field of orthotics and can address a variety of conditions effecting the lower limbs experienced by kids. The device uses gentle electrical signals to stimulate the nerves which are responsible for lifting the foot. There are 2 main FES systems available. CTOPS offers complimentary evaluation of these devices in all locations.

Pediatric AFO (Ankle-Foot-Orthoses)

This is the most common type of orthotic device used with kids. An AFO is used to control the motion and position of the foot and ankle in order to support weakness, control deformities or to provide support and corrective forces for a variety of issues related to the foot and ankle. Pediatric AFOs can be made from Polymer (plastic), and carbon fiber.

Cranial Remodeling Helmet

These devices are used to treat kids with plagiocephaly, brachycephaly or scaphocephaly; conditions which cause a flattened appearance in a baby’s head or face in children ages 4 to 18 months. All Cranial Molding Helmets are custom-fabricated from measurements and a scan or a mold taken at one of our locations.

Scoliosis Bracing

There are a variety of types of Thoraco-lumbar-sacral orthoses (TLSOs) which used to treat scoliosis. They are all custom-molded with carefully placed padding to help prevent the scoliosis curve from getting worse over time. TLSOs used for scoliosis are all custom-molded from measurements and a scan acquired at one of our locations.