Upper Extremity Orthotics

Orthotic Devices to support the wrist and hand

These devices can be either ‘off-the-shelf” or custom molded, and are used for positioning and stabilization of the hand and wrist joints. These can be made of plastic, canvas or other soft materials, composite material and can be fastened in a variety of ways.

Orthotic Devices to support the elbow and shoulder

A variety of supportive orthoses are available to address the need for healing and alignment of a fractured bone, weakness, dislocation or stabilization following surgery. Many different designs, and materials are used according to the objectives of the device. There have been exciting recent advancements in the technology available to address certain issues related to the upper extremity.

Myopro myoelectric arm orthosis

The MyoPro® is a Myoelectric Arm Orthosis designed to support a weak or deformed arm. The MyoPro can enable individuals to self-initiate and control movements of a partially paralyzed or weakened arm using their own muscle signals.