Did you know there are currently 2.1 million Americans living with limb loss? Losing a limb will change your life immensely, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your independence! Whether you decide to incorporate custom prosthetics into your new lifestyle or not, regaining your independence after limb loss is the ultimate goal.

You know your body best, and with custom prosthetic devices built to help you modify and adjust your limb loss to work for you, you can impact your daily life in a positive way. Before you get started incorporating prosthetics into your new routine, let Bulow Orthotics answer any questions you may have about regaining your independence.

Here are the top things to keep in mind when trying to regain your independence after limb loss:

  • Keep Up With Rehabilitation
  • Stick to a Schedule
  • Find a Support Group
  • Adjust Your Custom Solutions
  • Bulow Orthotics Can Custom Fit Your Needs

Keep Up With Rehabilitation

After experiencing limb loss, one of the most important things you can do to regain your independence, improve mobility and confidence is to keep up with your rehabilitation program. Increasing your mobility and flexibility can help you stay more independent and promote a better self-image after a traumatizing event.

The goal of post-amputation rehabilitation is to help patients return to their highest possible level of independence and functionality. These programs can also help to improve overall physical, emotional, and social quality of life. In order to become fully accustomed to your new lifestyle, be sure to follow the advice and treatment plans given to you by your surgeon, physical therapist, or prosthetist to ensure that you are giving your body the best chance possible for recovery

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Stick to a Schedule

Like with most things, forming a habit is always much easier when you stick to a schedule. The same goes for your new prosthetic solutions. After limb loss, if you choose to go the prosthetics route, you’ll want to ensure you stick to a strict routine and schedule when you begin wearing your new custom device. Your friends and family can help hold you accountable, but if you want to truly regain your independence, setting your own rules with the guidance of your doctor is the best way to go.

Sometimes, post-operative depression can keep you from wanting to go out and experience life. Try setting aside certain times every week to contact friends and family and get out into the world. Sticking to a set schedule keeps you in a routine and ensures that even on your dark days, you’ll have something to look forward to even in your new way of life. Limb loss doesn’t have to mean your life is over!

Find a Support Group

For people who experience limb loss, it can be extremely easy to feel isolated and alone. Finding amputee support groups in your area can also be incredibly helpful as you will have a support system of people who are going through the same thing as you. Other amputees will be able to understand your grieving, anger, physical struggles, and even the new joys that you’ll begin to find.

Limb loss support groups can offer advice, help you sit with your feelings, and understand what you’re going through. A support group of your peers will remind you that you are not alone and can help you regain that sense of independence you once had.

Adjust Your Custom Solutions

After limb loss, there are going to be some things that will never be exactly the same. However, there are always adjustments and modifications you can make to your prosthetic solutions to allow you to enjoy your life. The beauty of custom prosthetics is that you can adjust and modify your devices to fit your lifestyle needs. Say you need extra support in the knee and ankle joint, or you need to have increased mobility for your job, custom prosthetics can get you back to a sense of normalcy. Be sure to connect with your surgeon, doctor or physical therapist to ensure you are choosing the right prosthetic solutions for you.

Bulow Orthotics Can Custom Fit Your Needs

The Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions team is passionate about providing the highest level of care to patients across the country. One-on-one personal attention and nurturing guidance makes Bulow OPS a leader in the industry and a destination clinic for amputees across the country. Our ultimate goal is to help patients achieve the highest level of comfort and mobility, allowing them to return to a normal, healthy and happy life.

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