Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions

Helping People Live Life Without Limitations.

We offer advanced technology & one-on-one personal attention and nurturing guidance.

Providing personalized and professional care to individuals with orthotic and prosthetic needs.

Creating custom prosthetics and orthotics for patients of all ages and needs.

A leader in the industry & a destination clinic for amputees across the country.

Our team is passionate about providing the highest level of care to patients across the country

Helping People With Limb Loss Live Life Without Limitations

Right Fit, Right Technology, Right Support.

The Bulow team is committed to providing innovative prosthetic and orthotic technology, one-on-one personal attention and nurturing guidance. Our goal is to be the “go-to” place for patients to receive exceptional orthotic and prosthetic care and the best place for clinicians to provide it by:

  • Offering our patients the highest-quality orthotics and prosthetics care available anywhere
  • Creating partnerships with payors and other healthcare providers who improve clinical and business outcomes
  • Enriching our clinicians and other employees personally, professionally and financially
Our philosophy is driven by truly understanding what an amputee goes through in life.

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Meet Stephanie Key

Stephanie Key has been an amputee for about nine years now. Her story began in February when she was headed –

Meet Jeremy Donegan

My name is Jeremy Donegan and I’m a recent right, below the knee amputee. My story is truly one-of-a-kind in –

Meet Annette Sissom

Annette became an amputee in 2010 after her left foot had basically fallen apart. It all began in 1992 after –

Meet Terri Loftus

Terri Loftus is being put in the spotlight for this month’s article. Terri is an amazing, strong woman who lost –

Meet Zoe Redington

“Make sure your socks are on and very smooth so you don’t get any hurting spots once you put on the braces.”

Meet Joseph Hatfield

“Be self-confident and always strive to do the best that you can. Always look at the positives before anything else…”

Meet Susan Schmidt

“If you’re comfortable with yourself, people will be comfortable with you. After a period of time, people you interact with frequently won’t even think about your amputation.”

Meet Amy Bream

“Give yourself grace and be patient – you’re going to be presented with new challenges all the time.”

Meet Amanda Heller

“You can still do anything your friends can do. Missing a limb doesn’t define who you are. Enjoy life and be the best you, you can be.”

Meet Ashley Martin

“Be patient and stay positive, take things one day at a time and do not be too proud to ask for help.”


People in the U.S. Living with Limb Loss


Amputations Performed Each Year

the main causes for limb loss

vascular disease

We strive to please our patients

"The best place and people ever! They have done Miracles for me! Truly a God sent staff!!"

- G. Moxley

"bulow where you will re -define the possible. Everyone matters!"

- Q. Square

"I have always been highly satisfied with the service I receive from the whole staff. Great job, keep up the good work. They are always so helpful!"

- Dena

"Love the service - the best people - no complaints at all!"

- Sharon

"I lost my leg in a very traumatic way. My stump is misshapen and very short. I was so afraid that I would never walk again. Those guys are like family. The encouragement, dedication, and being there at the drop of a hat to solve problems with the prosthetic. I Thank God for these wonderful people. Special thanks to Keith. Man, you keep me going. The ladies in the office let my children come back and pet the cat and have a snack. It's a super atmosphere and family. Nothing is Impossible with THESE AWESOME FOLKS Kindest Regards. Jamie Rathbone."

- Jamie Rathbone

Getting used to a life-altering event such as amputation is never easy. In addition to grieving the loss of your –

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